Who We Help

Our exploration began with a focus on creating homes that could accommodate both our parents and our children. The challenge is to provide the various parties with privacy and at the same time create the opportunity for connection.

Family Caucasian

Through our work with various seniors, focus groups and feedback from our clients, we began to understand that our design solutions to multi-generational housing could help a variety of people and family situations.

People want to maintain their quality of life and independence is an important part of the equation.

But we don’t want our clients to wait until they are forced into a difficult situation; our goal is empower them to live the way they choose. Below are some examples of who we help:

Moving Grandparents Closer

There are great benefits to having parents close at hand. They are able to assist with childcare and spend more time with loved ones – all while remaining active and independent. An Inspired In-Law™ Cottage is also an innovative way to leave a legacy that will add value to the existing home. With parents nearby, everybody gets family time, privacy when they want, it and peace of mind knowing that help is never far away.

Because the unit is constructed on your existing property, it’s able to draw plumbing and electric from the existing infrastructure. The Inspired In-Law™ Cottages are attractive, functional, and customizable – you choose the style, layout, and finishes that work for you!

Children Moving Back Home

Today’s economic realities mean that it’s tough to find a well-paying job. This is especially true for young people just entering the job market, and many of them will choose to conserve resources by moving home with their parents. An Inspired Independence solution allows them to have a private, separate space to live while they save money and forge their career.

The unit can be purchased with an eye on the future, too. When your young adult lands that great job and departs, the unit makes an appealing guest cottage, home office, or in-law unit!


Rental Income

For many families, their home is their greatest asset. They have, most likely, developed sufficient equity if they’ve been in one home for several decades. They may not need as much space as they used to, though. Adding an Inspired In-Law™ Cottage provides a space that can either be rented out or owner-occupied while the main house is being rented. This provides additional income and enables the homeowner to remain part of their community.  Renting out unused space can provide income for travel, hobbies, and so much more!

This is an excellent option for couples that are looking to down-size, yet don’t want to give up ownership of their cherished family home. The units are comfortable, attractive, and customizable so that they’ll look great next to any existing home.

Special Needs Family Member

Having a space to call your own can foster a sense of pride and belonging. A customizable and ADA accessible Inspired Independence Cottage is a viable solution for those who want the autonomy of living outside of a parent/caregiver’s home, but still depend on assistance or supervision.

Group homes are not always a good option for many individuals with special needs, and privacy is a basic human desire. A personalized, freestanding unit on existing property is a wonderful option for individuals who welcome the responsibility of having their own space.

We Need More Space

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a bit more room, yet you don’t want to deal with the hassle and cost of a remodel?

Whether you are working from home, need a little room for creativity, or just want an area to relax and decompress, Inspired In-Law™ Cottages can provide the extra space you’re looking for. Choose from a 280-sq. ft. retreat or a 1-bedroom cottage that can be used as a guest house, space for a caregiver, or anything you can imagine!

Modern Family Living

Today, “family” can be defined in many different ways. Communal living, as well as multi-generational homes, are becoming more and more popular. Until the 1950’s preoccupation with single-family suburban homes came along, it was common for groups of individuals with similar lifestyles to live with (or very close to) one another. This is once again a fast-growing trend in the United States.

Living together allows individuals to pool their resources, help one another with daily tasks, and know that friends or family are never too far away. This method of building is more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than building a series of traditional homes. Inspired Independence Homes offer endless configurations and possibilities!