A great project is the result of the right team, and while we hope we are right for you, we want to make sure you do your research.  We have built our architecture firm on the principle of abundance; there is always enough work for everyone.  To that point we want to share with you some other resources and people doing great things with Accessory Dwelling Units:

Prefab Sources:

FabCab designs and sells pre-fabricated environmentally-friendly homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). They are architect designed which we, as architects, love!


Larson Shores Architects, Yes it’s true, this is our parent company. If you need a custom designed In-law with a more modern feeling we can help!

Christopher Strom Architects of Minneapolis, like the Bay Area has reduced the barriers to build ADU’s and is encouraging their development. Chris was involved in the zoning changes and now has a division of his firm, second suite, serving the greater Minneapolis Area.

Other Resources:

Karen Chapple is a UC Berkeley Professor and an owner of her own ADU.

Building an ADU of Portland has been building ADU’s for years. I recently discovered this amazing resource put together by Kol Peterson. I have not connected with him yet, but I look forward to it.

San Francisco issued an excellent guide in 2015.  Please note that State laws have changed since this was issued.

Santa Cruz has been a leader in the ADU movement.


Portland, Oregon has had tremendous success in building in-law units and have an outstanding website which has so much information your head might spin.

New California State laws (effective Jan 1 2017):

They’re all incorporated into California Code Section: 65852

SB 1069

AB 2299

AB 2406