Inspired Products

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The Inspired Products are a solution to an area in the market that needed some inspiration. When we looked at traditional bathroom grab bars and other elements to support our clients’ physical needs, we realized that they were all institutional. They also felt temporary. Imagine that you’re dealing with a disability or a disease, and you’re already feeling confronted with your own mortality. Then, someone says “We can put in a temporary grab bar and when you’re gone, we will remove it and the value of your home will come back.” This approach makes disability a focal point and causes feelings of temporary existence, not just a temporary grab bar. Often, the result is rejection of the proposed solution and ultimately a feeling that our family members and friends are not safe.

We are designing grab bars that are integrated, intentional and far from institutional.

Statistically, once there is a fall in the home, you are 60% more likely to fall again and that’s what we’re trying to avoid. We are taking the same techniques and skills we would apply to any clients’ project and pushing ourselves to design something far better and far more aesthetically pleasing than a metal bar in the shower that doesn’t match any of the other elements or the scale for the style of home.

As architects, do we design for disabilities in a way that really is about complete accessibility? If you’re designing for the exception, it’s not about inclusion; it’s just about highlighting the exception. That’s why we are designing spaces that support people as their bodies change and those elements are just built into the homes as part of the design feature, not an afterthought.

Products to come soon… stay tuned!