Inspired In-Law

ii-007-238x200Our In-Law Cottages

The Inspired In-Law™ Cottage is a declaration of independence.  It lets your loved ones retain their privacy, maintain their standard of living, and stay connected with family – or use it as a rental income or just a little more space –– all in a workable, fully barrier-free, one-bedroom dwelling in your backyard.

Just make a few decisions: choose a floor plan, a roofline, and a variety of exterior and interior finishes.

We’ll then deliver your plans within 2 weeks. Or if you live in Northern California, call us about construction management!




S (0-600 sf), M (600-1000 sf)

This 538-square foot floor plan is our original, efficient design for independent living.  A two bedroom version which is 749-square foot is also available.

Based on a farmhouse, this plan has more articulation and charm.

  • High living room and bedroom ceilings provide more light and space
  • 10’6″ x 17’2″ kitchen/living room
  • 10’6″ x 14’6″ bedroom
  • Available with flat or pitched roof


S (0-600 sf), M (600-1000 sf)

This 499-square foot floor plan fits neatly in the corner of your yard to keep families connected, but supports privacy and independent living.  A two bedroom version which is 799-square foot is also available.

The ‘L’ shape plan creates an interesting relationship to the main house.

  • Large deck
  • 11′ x 20′ kitchen/living room
  • 10′ x 10’8″ bedroom
  • Available with a flat or pitched roof


S (0-600 sf)

With a 490-square foot floor plan, the Carriage cottage offers enough room for living, eating and relaxing.

This consolidated floor plan creates an efficient cottage.

  • Vaulted ceilings in the living room, bathroom and bedroom provide more light and space
  • 11′ x 11’6″ living room
  • 8’7″ x 7’7″ bedroom
  • Available in a pitched or butterfly roof


S (0-600 sf)

This 465-square foot cabin provides a functional design with one bedroom. A two bedroom version which is 735-square feet is also available.

This long floor plans fits easily along a long fence line.

  • Vaulted ceilings in the living room, bathroom and bedroom provide more light and space
  • A 12’ x 11’7” living room
  • A 10’9” x 11’9” bedroom
  • Available as pitched or shed roof


S (0-600 sf)

Sometimes, you just need to go somewhere nearby to think or to tinker.

When you need just a little more space.

With 280 square foot, this is the ideal amount of room to store stuff that won’t fit in the garage or anywhere else in your house or to have a room of your own.